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Staunch Systems is a Business Continuity provider. We offer hardware, software, and consulting aimed at keeping businesses online and connected. There are three areas of focus related to business continuity and security.  The first is Availability; a business and its data must be available. The second is Integrity; a business must ensure their data is secure and not modified by unauthorized individuals. The third and final area is Confidential; a business must ensure that its data is confidential.  
Staunch Systems provides three services to help with the CIA of Security and Continuity. Routers, Workstations and Servers, and Backup and Hosting.
For a company to be Available StaunchNETWORKING (www.buypeplink.com) sells and supports Peplink routers and Pepwave wireless, which we believe are the best networking products available. A business’ data is useless if it can not be accessed. Peplink routers can balance multiple ISP connections for remote site bonding and VPN security, for balancing high traffic needs, and for creating redundancy in the event of ISP failure.  Peplink routers have many native services to help with security of the perimeter network such as Intrusion Detection, Firewall Rules, Outbound Policies, Public IP routing, DNS Management, and more. These native security layers set a strong foundation for any small business that needs a base level of security for their network.  Pepwave wireless products offer high speed enterprise connectivity for a secure wireless networking.
StaunchSYSTEMS workstations and servers are built using only industrial and enterprise level components to ensure minimal failure rates. All of our systems include an unprecedented warranty, premium anti-virus and security, and offsite backup. The combination of these components makes our systems not only reliable, but secure and recoverable.
StaunchCLOUD consists of StaunchHOSTING and StaunchBACKUP which are designed to centralize data storage with a reliable and secure backbone. We use only the latest technology to support our servers and network. Staunch HOSTING services include highly available email, website, and SharePoint 2010 services. Out backup services run on a wide range of computers from Apple to Linux and Windows XP to Windows Server 2008 R2. Our backup service also notifies its users of the health of the backup and warns them of failed backup attempts.

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